The showcase’s body is made by stainless steel AISI 304 insulated with ecological polyurethane with density 42kg/m3. The system is controlled by electronic thermostat with insulation index ip65 and LED display. The evaporator has been treated with a special antitoxic pigment in order to avoid the transmission of toxicity to the products. The lighting system is T8 LED lamps to prevent overheating in the refrigerated space. The showcase is equipped with double glasses on all sides and top to avoid humidity condensing issues. Double glasses sliding doors in the back complete this display for easy and quick access from the user.


Functioning Temperature +2
Product conservation temperature +4
Climatic Class +4
Compressor Type: Hermetic
Defrost: Automatic
Refrigerant Gas: R404a
Electric Power V/ph/Hz: 230/1/50